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An Introduction to James Allan Executive Search
January 29, 2021 at 10:30 PM
James Allan Executive Search works in major cities across the United States finding top talent for open positions in banking and finance.

James Allan Executive Search was started by our founder, Dave Mason, almost 15 years ago with the philosophy of working on a smaller number of searches to ensure a close partnership with the clients and candidates we work with.

With our proprietarty search process, we consistently fill banking and insurance positions at a 94.7% rate and within 90 days. We can do the same for you. Within the current market many organizations have positions that are left open for months at a time, causing significant lost revenue. James Allan Executive Search provides expert guidance on everything from finding top talent to the interview process and the essential components of successful recruitment.

We’re a partner invested in your company’s growth and success. With our help, you’ll build your business the way you envision it, with top talent in your key growth positions.

We will transform your recruitment process.

Many companies don’t cater to a candidate’s market. They don’t adjust their recruitment and interview process to appeal to talent with options for their next career move. We examine your interview process and share how your company looks to future applicants. A few things that may hold you back from securing interest from desirable candidates:

  • Interview time scale: top talent won’t spend months meeting everyone in leadership. A streamlined process communicates efficiency and confidence from your company.
  • Position packaging: structure your growth positions with attributes to attract the best, from salary to title and an exceptional work culture.
  • A shared vision among leadership: if those in top roles can’t agree on the desirable qualities for the open positions, you’ll never find the right candidate.

We’re a partner to your company, from structuring the interview and recruitment process to articulating candidates’ must-have qualities. If you’ve had an open position in your financial firm for a while, we’ll help you address the things holding you back from finding high-value matches in your field’s best talent.

Grow your balance sheet.

We step in when companies struggle with diminishing margins and hit a wall for developing fresh revenue streams. Our skillset includes recruiting full teams to build into new verticals in fields such as:

  • Healthcare
  • Sponsor Financing
  • Leasing
  • Wealth Management
  • Payments

We’re a partner for your company to find the best talent in new fields or expand your current model into new markets with a footprint expansion. Working together, we’ll move your company into novel ways of increasing revenue with confidence. We’re an objective perspective who can see your company’s capabilities in areas you may not have considered.

We work in major cities across the United States, from Denver to New York and Minneapolis to Houston. Don’t let uncertainty hold you back from expansion and growth; let us match you with the best talent in a new field or market to access a future of growth for your business.

We provide unprecedented guarantees.

We’re not like other recruitment agencies out there. That’s because we get to know each one of our clients, their company culture, and values. By investing time, we’re able to offer high-quality candidates interested in your company and the open position. Instead of submitting the same candidates to multiple companies, we handpick the individuals we bring to our clients.

We guarantee our clients a set number of candidates within a specific timeframe, an unparalleled service in our industry.

To maximize your recruitment process and attract the best talent to your top leadership positions, book a free consultation with James Allan Executive Search.

We offer years of experience to fill the senior positions at your company, streamlining recruitment to attract top talent in your field. We’ve helped executives develop all aspects of their candidate search to present compelling recruitment experiences. Our clients find and retain top talent.

If you’d like to hear more about the James Allan Executive Search process and want to hire the best in your field, book a free consultation today.