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How top bank recruiters lure first-class talent to your firm
January 3, 2022 at 5:00 AM
A top bank recruiter posing for a picture.

An elite finance firm needs top talent, and to find the right people, you need the right kind of recruiter.

Effective recruiters know what it takes to find strong candidates for vacant positions within your company, but it’s important for you to develop an understanding of how it’s done, too. You need to be able to vet a recruiter and know whether you’re working with one that’s capable of bringing the best in the business to your firm.

We’ll do that in this blog post by detailing how top bank recruiters curate a talent pool, coach potential candidates for success through the hiring process and the positions you’re hiring for, and the difference in results when a recruiter treats you like a partner instead of just a client.

Curating a talent pool

Great recruiters can provide you with skilled candidates from a pool of some of the most talented executives in your market.

Many of these candidates are actively looking for a new position like one you may be hiring for, but one big benefit of working with a top bank recruiter is access to candidates you may not normally be able to reach. Some of these are passive candidates who aren’t looking for or aren’t aware of the open positions at your company, but could perform at a high level in those positions.

This pool of talent may form as a result of a recruiter’s experience and extensive network in your industry, frequent success filling open positions similar to yours at other firms, and other factors. Having access to it, though, gives you access to candidates that are likely to grow into strong, effective members of your team.

Coaching candidates for success

Top recruiters also make a point of coaching their candidates in best practices when it comes to being prepared for the hiring process and the future demands of the positions they’re searching for.

A recruiter skilled in this part of the process is a big benefit to your firm when you’re looking for new talent. The candidates under your consideration, in addition to being strongly qualified, will be ones with a much stronger familiarity with your company’s goals, expectations, and culture.

When all of your options for a vacant position would be a great fit, it makes choosing one easier in the ways that matter. No matter who you choose to hire, you can be sure they’ll have what it takes to be a top performer for your firm.

Treating you as a partner

Although it’s important for a recruiter to have all the skills and expertise necessary to provide you with an impressive list of candidates, they can do their best job for you when they’re treating you as a partner, or themselves as an extension of your talent acquisition team.

Many recruiters, though, will present their top talent to your competitors, too. Why compete for candidates from a recruiter that’s supposed to be working with you? When you work with a recruiter that values candidate exclusivity for their clients, you won’t have to.

Taller than the Trees

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