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How a financial services recruitment firm can save you time and money
September 21, 2021 at 4:00 AM
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Filling an open position at your company can be a time-consuming, expensive task, especially depending on how high up the management chain the position is. There are quite a few details to juggle through the recruitment process, and adding this task to your team’s already increased list of responsibilities may prove costly and inefficient. This can especially prove troublesome for financial firms, as this is an industry where many employees take on a large volume of detail-oriented work and come from a background of extensive specialized education.

Recruiters are a great way to approach this problem while minimizing any additional burden placed on your reduced number of workers. Most financial services recruitment firms have experience solving this kind of problem and know what to look for in the right candidate for any position you’re trying to fill.

James Allan Executive Search is one such experienced recruitment firm, and we’ve worked with a wide variety of financial services businesses to find the right people for the right positions. We’ve written before about some of the problems an executive recruitment firm can solve for businesses on our blog.

In this post, we’ll be going over some of the reasons financial firms find value in recruiters like us, why we may be a better option than headhunters, and how exactly we can help meet your staffing needs.

Filling a vacant position

For a company that’s actively expanding, new positions are likely to be created to meet the company’s increased workforce needs. This isn’t an overly disruptive process to current team members, although placing the task of finding qualified new employees in the hands of a recruitment firm is a great way to keep any unnecessary burden off of your current employees and find the best new ones possible.

It’s a different situation for a newly-vacant position, though. The departure of a current team member can certainly become disruptive to your company’s work environment. This is especially true for an industry like financial services, and even more so if the employee was a senior-level member of the team. Finding qualified candidates who can mesh well with your current team for these positions may be best left to a financial services recruitment firm like ours, as our expertise helps us know what to look for and how to look for it as far as educational background, prior work experience, personality, and other significant details are concerned.

Which should you use, a recruiter or a headhunter?

Whether you’re filling a new or newly-vacant position, you need to know whether a recruiter or a headhunter makes the most sense for you as a way of finding the right candidate. A headhunter will look for this candidate based on a mix of your requirements and their own expertise and judgement, but their role stops before the hiring process actually begins, giving them a less active role in the candidate’s success.

A recruiter, on the other hand, typically presents you with candidates from within their network and conducts the initial part of the hiring process for you. Recruiters also tend to specialize in certain industries, which we do as a financial services recruitment firm, and are able to give you access to an array of qualified candidates for you to consider for the position you’re trying to fill. This reduces the time it can take to fill that position with someone equipped with the right skillset to succeed in it.

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Recruitment is an important thing to get right for executive-level positions, especially for companies like financial firms. If you need to find the right candidate for this kind of position, don’t wait another moment. Get a free consultation with James Allan Executive Search now and find out how we can help make your recruitment process an easier and more successful one.