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Hiring Tips from Financial Advisor Recruiters
July 16, 2021 at 4:00 AM
Take advantage of our financial advisor recruiters' advice on hiring the right talent.

As the country slowly starts to open back up and businesses return to more normal operations, one thing has become abundantly clear: we are currently in an employee’s market. Many businesses have open positions that they can’t fill for numerous different reasons, including the financial consulting industry.

That means if you’re looking to find a new financial advisor for your firm, you need to separate yourself from the competition to entice potential hires to join your organization. Luckily, the financial advisor recruiters here at James Allan Executive Search are happy to share some of our hiring insights to give you the best chance of finding the ideal candidate.

A financial advisor recruiter’s guide to hiring.

Start your search early.

The worst time to hire a new financial advisor is when you are in desperate need of one, because it raises the potential of settling simply to fill a need. Instead, you need to anticipate your growth and start looking for new employees at least 3-6 months in advance.

That will give you plenty of time to create a compelling job posting, obtain a healthy pool of applicants, and go through as many rounds of interviews as needed to narrow your choices down.

Leverage the latest technologies.

In our experience as financial advisor recruiters, we’ve found that many new advisors want to work with progressive firms that invest in themselves. These days, many younger advisors expect their employer to have up-to-date digital tech stacks and infrastructure already in place that facilitates transparent and straightforward communication.

You should also consider the possibility of offering remote client service. Not only will this open the door to a whole new market of candidates, but many people got used to working from home during the pandemic and may not want to return to an office environment full-time.

Create a compelling value proposition.

Chances are you have a carefully crafted and well-researched value proposition that you use on your clients to gain new business, but do you have a value prop for potential new advisors?

This is your short summary of why a candidate should join your firm over a competing one who is also considering them. The right value proposition should be succinct yet accurately convey how you can help the advisor grow professionally.

Ask key questions during the interview.

Hiring a financial advisor isn’t overly difficult, but hiring the right financial advisor can be quite tricky. If you want to ensure you’re bringing on the prospect that’s best for your organization, then you need to ask probing questions that go well beyond simply their resume.

Ask about their long-term goals so you can get an idea of whether or not they’ll be in it for the long haul. Question them on what they look for in a company culture to see if the candidate will be a good fit for your team. More nuanced questions of this nature give you a better understanding of who the advisor is and what they hope to achieve working with you.

Are you in the market for new financial advisors?

Simplify your search by partnering with the financial advisor recruiters at James Allan Executive Search. We have a proven track record of finding, recruiting, and hiring the top 10% of talent for financial institutions across the country using our proprietary solution.

Our methods are so effective that we can typically fill your vacant position at a 94.7% rate in 90 days or less, making for an effective and stress-free hiring process for your organization. You can learn more about how our process works, or schedule your free consultation online to get started today.