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Leverage Your Success

Let our executive recruiters help you maximize your career growth with our industry expertise and connections with senior leadership across the country.

Is It the Right Time?

Making a career move, especially in the current banking environment, can be both very rewarding and highly stressful.

Many times, we hear that the biggest fear executives have is leaving an organization where they have built up considerable political capital and goodwill. You may also be walking away from a sizable incentive because of surpassing your annual goals.

We believe this is the best time to make a confidential career move.

Leveraging Your Success

The best time to make a career move isn’t when you have to make a move. It’s when you can leverage your success to move to the next step in your profession.

When you can clearly demonstrate that you have surpassed all your goals, you will be able to maximize both scope of responsibility as well as your next compensation package.

Don’t let the fear of making a career change get in the way of opening the door to the well-deserved rewards of career progression.

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Get a Career Coach

Find a recruiter who can help you take the next step and has the right connections as well as industry insight.

James Allan Executive Search will help you identify and evaluate what you really want in your next career move. We then confidentially find the right opportunities that fit your objectives and coach you through the interviews, job offer negotiation and onboarding process.

Helping executives positively change their life and career is what we do.

Take the Next Step

If you are ready to take the next step in your career, submit your resume, and we will contact you to start the process.

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