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Building Winning Teams

Over the past 20 years, our executive recruiting firm has consistently recruited top talent where others haven't. Let us show you how to build a top performing team.

Why Partner with Us?

The quick answer is better people. 

With our search process, we have been able to consistently recruit the top 20% candidates versus the same candidates hiring managers see making a career move every two to three years. 

We at James Allan believe that taking the time to truly understand our clients' needs and what sets them apart will ultimately lead to finding, recruiting and presenting the top talent that will directly impact an organization.

We don’t use job boards to find candidates. We use our centers of influence to determine the top talent within a defined space and geography, and systematically reach out to each one. 

One of the pillars of James Allan’s success is building relationships, on both the client and candidate side. We build relationships so we can determine what a candidate truly wants in the next steps of their career and when we find a match with a top client, we introduce them.

Our executive recruiting firm for the banking industry has the right expertise as well. 

Over the past two decades, our President Dave Mason has only worked in the banking and financial services industry. He has been able to build a network throughout the United States and Canada to help us find almost any candidate within the banking space.

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