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Executive job search tips from a top banking recruiter
March 3, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Work with a bank recruiter to maximize your time and effort during your executive job search.

As an executive who feels stalled in their career or curious about advancement and compensation opportunities at a new company, you may be ready to begin an executive job search. Even if you’re unsure about making an immediate move, it’s critical to develop a strategy to maximize your time and effort. Working with an executive recruiter provides you with an objective perspective about your prospects and insight into your next career move.

Dave Mason, the founding partner of James Allan Executive Search, shares one piece of advice more often than any other when working with clients at the outset of their job search:

"While I don't believe that a perfect company or perfect opportunity exists, I do believe that if you can figure out what the top 3-5 things are that are most important to you in your career search, you'll be much more likely to find the perfect job for you."

Keep reading below for more tips.

Use data to make a clear impact with your career documents.

You need to highlight yourself as a top performer at your current company, whether you’re making a first impression with your resume or answering questions during a first-round interview. If you’re not currently giving yourself performance reviews to reflect on your successes, it’s time to translate your growth and team contributions into quantifiable data for prospective employers.

  • Assess your achievements versus your goals over the past five years and express it as a percentage.
  • Track your contributions to your team, and highlight specific contributions you made to enable their success.
  • Highlight any expansion in job responsibilities, skills, or company assets and express them as percentages–i.e., expanded your skillset by 25% over three years, grew your client base by 40%, etc.

For executives on the job hunt striving to secure a competitive compensation package, it’s critical to make it clear to prospective employers that you’re a top performer at your current company and will continue to perform in a new position. Elevate your resume and interview responses by putting your achievements into data points.

Curate your digital persona to attract top companies.

Like it or not, a Google search is the first thing companies do when considering a candidate. Social media and a prominent online presence may not be a priority in your current position, but they’re essential for making a memorable impact on the companies where you’re applying. By curating your digital persona to tell your accomplishments, you won’t have to work hard to give a remarkable interview.

  • Develop a cohesive brand: you’re selling yourself on the job hunt, so use your online profiles to present branding that companies want in their C-suite.
  • Increase your online visibility: aim for being a top search result for your name by authoring thought pieces in your field and tweeting industry-relevant news.

Blank, private, or forgotten online profiles can damage your job prospects and potential compensation packages. A strong online presence is essential for banking executives.

Always be cultivating a strong network.

Don’t wait until you’re starting a job search to check in with your network. Building strong mutually beneficial relationships in your industry is vital insurance against periods of uncertainty and stress in your career. Take advantage of every opportunity available to not only expand your network but strengthen your existing relationships with contributions to the favor bank.

One of the best ways to develop an iron-clad network is to work with a professional banking recruiter. At James Allan Executive Search, we have a national network of executives and firms. We’re able to connect you with colleagues and companies who reflect your values and have the right opportunities to foster your ongoing success.

Book a free consultation with the banking recruiters at James Allan Executive Search to elevate your job search.

We’re more than banking industry headhunters; we’re partners in your success. Our team understands the stress that comes from leaving a current position with political capital and the benefits of long-term standing. We’ll activate our country-wide network to help our executive clients leverage their success into new opportunities with improved compensation packages.

Reach out to book a free consultation today and elevate your job search with the banking executive recruiters at James Allan.