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Bank recruiter shares 3 things that should be on your finance resume
April 6, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Bank recruiter shares 3 things that should be on your finance resume

The world of finance can be very competitive, especially at higher career levels, so it’s important for candidates to make sure their resumes stand out from the rest. As a leading bank recruiter service, our team has helped finance professionals optimize their resumes and land positions at some of the top companies.

Throughout our experience, we’ve noticed a pattern in what most banks and employers like to see on candidates’ resumes, particularly for leadership positions. In this article, our recruiters are sharing the top 3 things you need to have on your resume as a finance professional:

Proven technological skills

Finance has greatly benefitted from advancements in technology. Rather than manually crunching the numbers, finance professionals can populate spreadsheets, run forecast models, and do so much more with essentially a few clicks. But in order to benefit from these tools, you need to understand how they work and how to make the most of them.

As with most industries, technology is rapidly changing. Candidates need to demonstrate their mastery of relevant technological tools and keep pace with advancements. We recommend listing any in-depth experience with spreadsheet programs, financial engineering and financial modeling systems, and any other technology that is most relevant to your desired position.

Overall, candidates who stay abreast of advancements are better positioned for success. If you’re feeling behind in this area, you can always boost your skills with webinars, workshops, and certification courses.

Analytical skills and problem-solving abilities

It’s one thing to be able to interpret data, but analysis is more than that; it’s about showing what you can do with data, and creating successful strategies going forward. Our bank recruiters often find that hiring managers pick candidates with adept problem-solving abilities.

For example, if your analysis and action plan led to saving a significant amount of money for your company, then list this on your resume. Hiring managers don’t just want to see what you did on a day-to-day basis. They want to see what you accomplished, and how that can translate into success for their company.

Dave Mason, the founding partner of James Allan Executive Search, adds why this skillset is so essential for finance professionals looking to advance their career: “QUOTE.”

Strong leadership and communication skills

You may be technically competent in your field, but in order to rise the ranks in finance, it’s important to be a people leader as well. Successful managers, VPs, and CFOs typically share a key attribute: they all have the ability to influence, lead, and inspire their teams.

Before reaching out to a bank recruiter or hiring manager, be sure to revise your resume with this in mind. For instance, if you don’t have direct management experience yet, did you lead an important project for a previous employer? Did you spearhead an idea that went from concept to reality? Accomplishments that showcase your strong communication skills or leadership abilities should be a must on your resume.

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