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A Partner in Your Success

Let us show you how our financial recruiters become an extension of your organization driving brand awareness throughout your footprint.

A Better Process

What if we could show you a better way to recruit? In today's market, employers are struggling to find and lure top talent to their team. We have seen clients who are left with key positions open for months on end, costing them much needed revenue.

James Allan Executive Search has a proprietary solution that typically can fill your position at a 94.7% rate and in 90 days or less.

Stop wasting time with firms that are blasting resumes in your inbox that aren't vetted and aren't a fit. Give our financial recruiters a call and we can outline a plan for you and your team.

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We Guarantee Our Work

With our proprietary search process, we guarantee that we will present a predetermined number of candidates and in an agreed upon time frame. This is unheard of in our industry.

We work tirelessly to understand your business so we can present qualified candidates that are interested in what your team has to offer and ready to make a career change.

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Candidate Exclusivity

Did you know that the vast majority of recruiting firms will present the candidates they find for you to multiple organizations? You will actually be competing with other companies for the talent you engaged a financial recruiter to find.


James Allan Executive Search wants to partner with your organization and become an extension of your talent acquisition team. We are looking for relationships where we are proud to talk to candidates why making a career move to your team can be a long term success story.

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Ready to crush your competition?
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