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3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Banking Recruiter
April 15, 2021 at 11:00 PM

Hiring a banking recruiter is unlike hiring other types of recruiters. The role you have open doesn’t just need to be filled so you can stop losing revenue, but you need the recruit to have the right skills and be a precise fit for your organization.

With a 94.7% rate of filling roles within the finance industry, and only with top talent, we’re aware of the telltale signs of recruiters that can deliver.

With these three questions, you’ll be able to tell if a banking recruiter you’re speaking to can help you get the best hire possible.

Question #1: What’s your record?

Time is of the essence. Each day a role within your organization is left unfilled is a day that passes with lost revenue, efficiency, and opportunities.

That’s why it’s important to discover early if a recruiter can help you by asking to hear about their record. Ideally, you’ll want to hear about the recruiting firm’s work looking for candidates like the one you’re searching for, and for an organization that closely resembles yours.

As mentioned, ours at James Allen Executive search is 94.7% filled roles within 90 days. We’re able to maintain this industry-first record through our proprietary system.

And, since you don’t want the position unfilled for months on end, it’s important to follow up on this question with another on their usual timeline.

Question #2: How do you ensure you’re always getting top talent?

Especially for commercial lending and commercial banking, no priority is higher than performance. And consistent, top-level performance is only possible with the most capable recruits. It’s important that your banking recruiter understands this.

By posing this question, you can learn about the quality of candidates they have access to. Instead of simply assuring you that they can provide top talent, they’ll have to explain to you exactly how they’re able to do so.

Responding to this question, we’d inform you about our extensive network within the finance industry in the U.S. and Canada. We achieve and maintain a strong network through our unique approach of fostering relationships both with financial institutions and elite candidates.

We have never strayed from consistently hiring at least the top 20% of candidates for all roles we are tasked with filling.

Dave Mason, our founding partner, explains the vitality of maintaining access to the best talent in the industry when he says: “insert quote here.”

Question #3: How will you tailor your services to our organization?

This question is what separates the banking recruiters that flood your inbox with unvetted résumés and those that understand how to find the precise hire.

A response that should give you confidence is one that touches on the banking recruitment firm’s efforts to learn about your organization.

Top-performing banking recruiters take time to build an understanding of how your organization operates.

In this way, your banking recruiter doesn’t just get your headcount where you need it to be. Instead, they ensure that you’re getting a hire who can make long-term contributions to your organization and its growth.

When the recruit is naturally aligned with your organization, its processes, and what drives it, they’re much likelier to thrive.

Recruit cream-of-the-crop talent with James Allan Executive Search

Our proprietary, industry-leading system fills 94.7% of roles in 90 days or less. And that’s only with the top 20% of talent. James Allan Executive Search can help you find the quality recruit you need to enable new efficiencies within your organization and sharpen your competitive edge. Schedule a free consultation with us today.